The recipient of a hospitality scholarship will be expected to play a key part in the life of the college: they will have particular responsibility for communicating with visitors and short stay guests and ensuring they are welcomed; they will help the college community to be alert to the arrival of guests and involve others in welcoming activities; they will encourage a spirit of hospitality in the college and help the community reflect on this dimension of its life; they will collaborate with colleagues and staff to organize appropriate social events in the life of the college; they will serve on the college’s ‘House Committee’.

To be eligible for consideration for an hospitality scholarship candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Experience of cross-cultural communication and hospitality
  • An understanding of the importance of making visitors welcome, particularly in an international Methodist community (personal statement)
  • Experience of involving others in voluntary projects
  • Organisational ability, e.g. social events (record of experience; references)
  • Collaborative skills (record of experience; references)

Applicants should submit the following to the Principal by 31 May in the year of application:

  • 2 referees (at least one commenting on your experience of making people welcome; at least one commenting on your organisational ability and reliability).
  • A record of your relevant experience
  • A statement about how you see the role and what you think you could bring to it (no more than 1000 words