The recipient of a music scholarship will be expected to play a key part in the life of the chapel: they will organize music for college services and provide musical accompaniment to congregational singing when needed at the daily services of morning prayer (either by playing themselves or organizing a substitute); they will help the college community to develop an a repertoire of songs and music for worship appropriate to an international Methodist community; they will encourage the musical life of the college and the development of its musical spirituality; they will be part of a series of teams collaborating in the planning of worship.

To be eligible for consideration for a music scholarship candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Musical qualifications (certificates)
  • Competence in accompanying congregational singing (piano/pipe organ/keyboard/guitar) (record of posts held; references)
  • An understanding of the role of music in worship, particularly in an international Methodist community (personal statement)
  • Experience of involving congregations and those with musical gifts and interests in the musical life of a church or college or similar (record of experience; references)
  • Organisational ability, particularly in relation to directing music (record of experience; references)
  • Collaborative skills, e.g. in relation to the planning and preparation of worship (record of experience; references)

Applicants should submit the following to the Principal by 31 May in the year of application:

  • Evidence of musical qualifications (formal certificates)
  • 2 referees (at least one commenting on your musical ability; at least one commenting on your organisational ability and reliability).
  • A record of your musical and organisational experience in relevant settings
  • A statement about how you see the role and why you think you are suited to it (no more than 1000 words)