Research Associates are expected to:

  • comply with the rules of the college and academic conventions concerning the ethics of research;
  • allow details about their work/role and research interests to be published;
  • make an annual contribution to the life and work of the college, such as publishing an article in our journal, contributing to a course we are running, supervising a dissertation or leading a session of our weekly evening study programme;
  • be an advocate for the college within their sphere of influence; and
  • make an annual research return detailing their research activity.


Research Associates pay an annual College Charge which entitles them to reading rights in the Wesley House library and in libraries of other members of the Cambridge Theological Federation as well as use of the Wesley House common room.

Research Associates may eat in College at their own expense and, subject to availability, may stay in accommodation at Wesley House student rates.

Bursaries may be available to contribute towards the College Charge.


Research Associates are appointed by the College’s Academic Committee. To apply contact the Principal. There is no deadline for applications; applications are considered at the next available committee meeting.