Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman

Daniel is a presbyter of the Methodist Church in Britain and has served in appointments both within the UK and overseas as a mission partner. He has been a lecturer in Cameroon (teaching African Philosophy, New Testament and Hermeneutics) where he was responsible for the administration of the candidates process for Presbyteral ministry. He currently serves in a bilingual intercultural church in Italy and serves as a member of the Liturgy and Worship Commission for the Federation of Protestant Churches there. His doctoral research was on the philosophical legacy of John Henry Newman (University of Bristol).


Recent publications include:

  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. Ecclesia Ghana: Realising Afro-Catholicism in Ghana, Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae, XLI (No.1), 2015
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. Newman and the Problem of the Criterion Revisited, Newman Studies Journal XIII (No.1), 2016
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. The Philosophical Legacy of John Henry Newman: A Neglected Chapter in Newman Research, New Blackfriars 98 (No.1078), 2017
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. Is the ‘Wesleyan Quadrilateral’ an accurate portrayal of Wesley’s theological method?, Theology and Ministry 5 (No.1), 2018
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. Canon, Criterion and Circularity: An Analysis of the Epistemology of Canonical Theism, HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies 74 (No.1), 2018 
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. High And Low? The Heritage Of Anglican Latitudinarianism In The Thought Of John Wesley, Journal of Religious History, Literature and Culture (Forthcoming)
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J. Pick Up Your Cash and Follow Me: Pentecostalism, Prosperity and Socio-Economic Empowerment in South-West Cameroon, Black Religious Landscaping in Africa and the United States (Forthcoming)