Wesley to the World – Celebrations and Challenges

An international symposium via zoom and in person celebrating valued foundations and addressing urgent challenges of our world.

29-30 April 2022
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Over the past one hundred years, students and staff of Wesley House have generated theological scholarship and cultivated relationships that have impacted the thought and practice of the church worldwide. In this symposium we gather global Methodist scholars and practitioners to explore the foundations of our collaboration in God’s work in the world—a theological legacy. We also identify the contemporary challenges of the day to which we need to speak and into which we need to live around the world—a contemporary calling.

An opening keynote address sets the tone for the symposium, providing a map for global Methodist theology around the central theme—Wesley to the World. Panel members explore two questions of the original Methodist Conference: What to teach? and What to do? The first question provides an opportunity for panelists and participants to celebrate the rich legacy of Wesley House and its enduring influence through global relationships. The second question moves us in the direction of action as an international panel of Wesley House partners reflects on the global challenges of a time such as this.

This symposium offers online and in-person participants time to engage world-class scholars and to share with participants in small group settings. Members of the symposium will meet, hear, converse, engage, and hopefully, sow seeds for action that continue to carry Wesley to the world.


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