last updated 29 May 2020

Wesley House is closed to visitors and is only open to residents.

A statement from The Principal, 24th May 2020

An Update on Teaching at Wesley House 2020-21


Wesley House plans to welcome as many students as possible to residence in Cambridge for the coming academic year, following advice as it emerges from Public Health England. We remain firmly committed to delivering high quality research, teaching and training together with our ecumenical and international partners. We are also committed to keeping prayer, study, fellowship and service at the heart of what we do, sensitive to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to follow UK government guidelines and good practice from comparable institutions.


Locally, we are working with our partners in the Cambridge Theological Federation, the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University, to map out how teaching will be delivered safely and effectively during the next academic year. Whilst large scale lectures will need to be held online, most of our teaching – for research students and for masters students – is one to one or in small groups. Cambridge specialises in small group teaching (seminars, supervisions, tutorials) and we will move back to face to face meetings as soon as it is safe to do so for those who are in residence. For those at a distance we remain committed to full participation in our programmes being possible online.


There remains a great deal of uncertainty about the likely course of the pandemic and its impact on universities and theological colleges. We will keep our plans under regular review. Our objective is to restore the full face-to-face teaching, worship and social programme as soon as possible, including the welcoming of weekly guests, sabbatical visitors and residential short courses. At the moment receiving visitors and short term residents is unlikey to be possible before Christmas. If we are able to do this sooner than currently anticipated, we will.


Pray for us as we pray for you all.


Here at Wesley House we are taking measures to respond to the changing virus situation.  Our aims are:

  • To keep our students and staff as safe as we can
  • To enable students to continue with their studies
  • To maintain the college’s prayer life
  • To provide updated information about events and courses we have planned

In the meantime, we continue to pray for you and we ask for your prayers for our community both here in Cambridge and across the globe.



Gutteridge building (offices, library, dining room) Amber
Greenhalgh building, ground floor Amber
Greenhalgh building, first floor Amber
Greenhalgh building, second floor Amber
The Principal's Lodge Amber
The Asbury Flat Amber
31/32 Jesus Lane Amber


We will move parts of the College into “red” status if anyone displays COVID 19 symptoms


The latest government and national health service advice can be found at:


Amber status measures
Those areas with Amber status are following social distancing procedures. In our context this means:

  • Everyone washes their hands regularly, especially after touching surfaces in communal areas (including doors and lift buttons)
  • Residents maintain a distance of at least 2m from each other, including in Chapel
  • Guests are not allowed into College
  • All meetings are being held online
  • Academic staff working from home
  • Office staff are working from home or furloughed
  • The building site is closed
  • The library is closed to non-residents

The office is closed; no staff will be working in the office.


Red status measures
If anyone in one of the residential areas displays COVID 19 symptoms we will implement the isolation processes for everyone in that area. This means that:


Resident notification
Any resident displaying COVID 19 symptoms should email This address will be monitored during office hours and at weekends at 9am, 12pm and 4pm. The office staff will notify all residents when red status is in force and how we will be supporting those who are isolated.