Session 1

April 4-8, 2016: God and the Spirit of the Age
Dr. Diana Butler Bass, Author, Independent Scholar and Public Theologian
Consideration of the future shape of religious life, within and apart from traditional religious institutions, in light of current cultural realities.

April 11-15, 2016: Perspectives from John for a Renewed Church
Dr. Judith Lieu, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Cambridge University
Study of the Gospel of John for perspectives that inform efforts at church renewal.

Session 2

August 8-12, 2016: Christian Faith in Cultural Context
Dr. Cindy K. Wesley, Director of Studies, Wesley House, Cambridge
Resources and perspectives on relating faith and ministry to cultural context; consideration of social context as a key to church renewal.

August 15-19, 2016: Passionately Christian, Compassionately Interfaith
Dr. Sathianathan Clarke, Bishop, Sundo Kim Professor of World Christianity and Professor of Theology, Culture and Mission, Wesley Theological Seminary
Building a Christian theology for ministry in an increasingly interfaith world.

Session 3

March 27-31, 2017: Mission, Ministry and Apologetics in a World Shaped by Science
Dr. David Wilkinson, Principal, St. John’s College, Durham University
Exposure to the dialogue between faith and science; perspectives in shaping ministry to be effective in a science shaped world.

April 3-7, 2017: Entrepreneurial Faith: The Future of Ministry with Young Adults
Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean, Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church and Culture, Princeton Theological Seminary
Understanding the world of young adults; resources and perspectives for ministry that reaches new generations.

Session 4

August 7-11, 2017: Theological Perspective on Global Challenges
Samuel Kobia
Models for contemporary Christian witness and common action in a global church.

August 14-18, 2017: Preaching the Church Into God’s Future
Lucy Lind Hogan
Creative perspectives on the proclamation of God’s word in a changing church and a multi-faceted cultural context.

Ongoing: Project Seminar (online, dates to be announced)

Dr. Lewis A. Parks, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, Wesley Theological Seminary

One elective is required, choice of the student. Options include online classes offered by Wesley Theological Seminary or classes at Wesley or other accredited institutions as approved by the director of the program.