Leadership in the Wesleyan Spirit: Ministry and Context

An online course with Adam Ployd, Vice Principal and Director of the Centre for Leadership & Ministry Development at Wesley House

This four-week course invites participants to reflect on the nature of leadership within their own ministerial contexts. As the church faces a host of challenges, from declining membership to climate change, new intentionality is necessary for the work of leading God’s people, whether those leaders by ordained or lay. This course provides the resources and space to consider how Methodists might bring a particular charism to such leadership in different contexts.

Designed for clergy and lay leaders alike, Leadership in the Wesleyan Spirit: Ministry and Context draws upon the work of seminal Methodist leadership scholar Lovett H. Weems, Jr. Weems offers a vision of Methodist leadership within the American context. Our course will use his work as a jumping-off point for adapting his insights to different cultural and ministerial contexts. Participants will, therefore, be asked not only to engage the course material but to bring their own experience and expertise into conversation with others as we work together to construct multiple visions of Wesleyan leadership relevant for the rich diversity of God’s world and God’s people.

Adam Ployd is Vice Principal and Director of the Centre for Leadership and Ministry Development at Wesley House, Cambridge. An ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church, Adam is trained as an historical theologian and seeks to make the resources of the past relevant for the contemporary church. While Adam’s published scholarship focuses on early Christian thought, especially that of Augustine of Hippo, he has taught Wesleyan and Methodist history and theology for almost a decade. He believes that the origins of Methodism in the work of John and Charles Wesley have much to teach us even as we must always look to the future in an effort to follow God’s ongoing work in the world.

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  • Four Wednesdays from 6 July to 27 July
  • Virtual Class via Zoom, 4:00-5:30 p.m. (UK time)
  • Zoom link, class schedule, and outline will be provided following registration
  • The text for the class, Weems’ Leadership in the Wesleyan Spirit, will be made available digitally to all registered participants.
  • Please read the Introduction of the book prior to the first class on 6 July
  • Four weekly sessions of 90 minutes including: Opening scripture and prayer, presentation about that week’s reading, small group conversations in breakout rooms and large group gathering for shared reflection and closing prayer
  • The course entails approximately 2 hours of reading and study per week outside of class time
  • A certificate of completion is available for those who complete a brief summative reflection (1500 words)



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  • Regular Registration: £120 (Ends 4 July 2022)


Book now at https://wesleyanspirit.eventbrite.co.uk