We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments for us. Details of how to contact us are given below. Unfortunately we do not have anyone around to answer questions outside of office hours but we will pick up messages and contact you as soon as we can.


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General enquiries
01223 765832

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Accommodation requests
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Write to us
Wesley House
Jesus Lane

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Contact details for our staff are as follows:
Academic Staff
The Revd Dr Jane LeachPrincipaljl332@cam.ac.uk01223 765 830
The Revd Carole IrwinDirector of Studiesci235@cam.ac.uk01223 765 843
The Revd Diane ClutterbuckTutordsc43@cam.ac.uk
The Revd Dr Richard ClutterbuckTutorrnc31@cam.ac.uk
The Revd Hannah BuckeDirector of Online Learninghmb46@cam.ac.uk
Support Staff
Alastair OateyBusiness Directoraio22@cam.ac.uk01223 765 850
Doreen AlbistonFinance Assistantda292@cam.ac.uk01223 765 854
Beth BlakemanOperations Manageroffice@wesley.cam.ac.uk01223 765 832
Dr Chris GroganLibrariancg629@cam.ac.uk
Dr Mat RidleyIT Officermjr66@cam.ac.uk01223 760 086
The Revd Dr Brian BeckArchivist
The Revd Dr Andrew J StobartCommissioning Editor, Holinesscommissioningeditor @wesley.cam.ac.uk
The Revd Dr Mike WilsonReviews Editor, Holinessreviewseditor@wesley.cam.ac.uk
The Revd Dr Stuart JordanChair of Trusteeschair@wesley.cam.ac.uk