Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman
Research Fellow

Daniel is a presbyter of the Methodist Church in Britain and has served in appointments both within the UK and overseas as a mission partner. He has been a lecturer in Cameroon (teaching African Philosophy, New Testament and Hermeneutics) where he was responsible for the administration of the candidates process for Presbyteral ministry. He currently serves in a bilingual intercultural church in Italy and serves as a member of the Liturgy and Worship Commission for the Federation of Protestant Churches there. His doctoral research was on the philosophical legacy of John Henry Newman (University of Bristol).

I want to facilitate the development of organic intellectuals in any way that I can. I am passionate about enabling theological education in contexts where the opportunities and infrastructure for higher education are limited.


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Research interests

Having served as a Methodist Mission Partner in several contexts, I am particularly interested in the social, political and economic dimensions of theology in Africa. I am currently writing a monograph on political theology in Cameroon. I have ongoing interests in Anglican/Methodist studies, the philosophical legacy of John Henry Newman and the epistemology of theology.


Supervisory Experience

I am currently supervising 3 students through Wesley House / Anglia Ruskin. I have supervised 3 students to completion at Masters level at Wesley University, Ondo, Nigeria. I have examined 8 students at Masters level in both Cameroon and Nigeria.


Research Students

  • Brian Robinson
  • Julian Pursehouse
  • Obusitswe Tiroyabone



  • BA Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield 2002-5
  • MA Theology and Ministry, University of Bristol 2005-2007
  • PhD University of Bristol, 2007-2015. “Scepticism Truth and Religious Belief in the Thought of John Henry Newman: A Contribution to Contemporary Debate?”


Recent publications

  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J 2021. Newman in the Story of Philosophy: The Philosophical Legacy of John Henry Newman, Eugene, Pickwick.
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman, D J 2021.”Aldersgate Today? The Validity of Religious Experience in a Postmodern Age Theology and Ministry 7 (No.1): 17-30 https://www.dur.ac.uk/theologyandministry/volumes/7/
  • Pratt Morris-Chapman D J 2021. Pick Up Your Cash and Follow Me: Pentecostalism, Prosperity and Socioeconomic Empowerment in Southwest Cameroon, in J Bostic, I Mothoagae, T Tucker-Worgs (eds.), Black Religious Landscaping in Africa and the United States, Peter Lang, New York, pp.167-181.
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  • Video of a recent lecture