Dion Foster

Personal Statement
I am a Methodist / Wesleyan Systematic Theologian and Ethicist with a particular interest in decolonizing Methodist and Wesleyan Theological Theology and Ethics. I hold two PhD’s, a PhD in Systematic Theology (SA, 2006) and a PhD in New Testament (Radboud, 2017). My current research is focussed on African Public Theology, Political Theology and theological ethics.

Role at Wesley House
I primarily focus on supervising doctoral students within the disciplines of Systematic Theology, Theological Ethics, and New Testament studies. In particular, I am interested in working with students who have an interest in post-colonial and decolonial theological interests, students who wish to focus on African theological and ethical topics, or topics in the field of public theology.

Web presence

Research interests
I have written numerous books, academic articles, and other scholarly publications. My most recent books are

African Public Theology (Langham, 2020), The (im)possibility of forgiveness? (Wipf & Stock, 2019)

Reconciliation, Forgiveness, and Violence in Africa (SUN Media, 2020)

Freedom of Religion at Stake (Wipf & Stock, 2020), and Teologia Pública no Brasil e na África do Sul (Sinodal, 2020)

Supervisory Experience
In the last decades I have supervised more than a dozen Post-Doctoral and Doctoral students, and twenty five Masters students in the fields of Systematic Theology, Theological Ethics, Public Theology, and New Testament Studies.

Selected Academic Articles (2021-2018)

  • Forster. D.A. Anthony, Ishaya, (2021). ‘I Must Honestly Confess That I Am Afraid of You’: Prophetic Preaching as Public Theological Engagement in a Context of Socio-Political Fear. International Journal of Public Theology 15, no. 3 (October 27, 2021): 369–84. https://doi.org/10.1163/15697320-01530005.
  • Forster, D.A. (2021). A Critical Consideration of the Relationship Between African Christianities and American Evangelicalism: A Cautionary Tale of Theo-Political Exceptionalism? The South African Baptist Theological Journal 30, no. Theology in Context (October 15, 2021): 199–145.
  • Forster, D.A. (2021). Post-Foundational Theology and the Contribution of African Approaches to Consciousness and Identity. Verbum et Ecclesia 42, no. 2 (Wentzel van Huyssteen special edition) (September 22, 2021): 1–10. https://doi.org/ 10.4102/ve.v42i2.2363.
  • Forster, D.A, (2021). Bowers Du Toit, Nadine, Elisabet le Roux, and Shantelle Weber. ‘Born Free? South African Young Adults, Inequality, and Reconciliation in Stellenbosch’: International Bulletin of Mission Research African Princeton: 1–11. https://doi.org/10.1177/23969393211010747.
  • Forster, D.A. (2021). ‘Towards a Future with Greater Freedoms for All: Historical Theological Engagement with Mary-Anne Plaatjies-Van Huffel’s Contribution to Religion and Law’. Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 47, no. 2: 1–19. https://doi.org/10.25159/2412-4265/8166.
  • Forster, D.A. (2020). Reflecting on the nature of work in contemporary South Africa: A public theological engagement with calling and vocation. HTS. 76(2):10. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/hts.v76i2.5847
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  • Forster, D.A. (2018). Translation and a politics of forgiveness in South Africa? What black Christians believe, and white Christians do not seem to understand. Stellenbosch Theological Journal, 14(2), 77–94. http://dx.doi.org/10.17570/stj.2018.v4n2.a04
  • Forster, D.A. (2018). Matthew 18:15–35 and the (Im)possibility of Forgiveness among South African Methodists? A Study in Empirical Intercultural Biblical Ethics. 1–21. Oxford Institute for World Methodist Studies, Pembroke College, Oxford.
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  • Forster, D.A. (2018). On the 250th Anniversary of A plain account of Christian perfection: A historical review of Wesleyan theological hybridity and its implications for contemporary discourses on Christian humanism. Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae, article #3147. Pp.1-12.


Other recent publications (2022-2018)

  • Forster, Dion A. 2022. Knowing What Is True? Between Science and Belief. Academic. Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge, January 12, 2022. https://www.counterpointknowledge.org/knowing-what-is-true-between-science-and-belief/.
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  • PhD, 2017, Radboud University, Netherlands; New Testament, Ethics, Empirical Inter-Cultural Theology, Public Theology.
  • DTh, 2006, University of South Africa, South Africa; Systematic Theology, African Theology and Science, Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • MTh (with distinction), 2001, Rhodes University, South Africa; Systematic Theology.
  • BTh Hons (with distinction), 1998, Rhodes University, South Africa; Systematic Theology.
  • SMDP (with distinction), 2009, University of Stellenbosch, Business School, South Africa; Economic and Management Sciences.


Selected Books

  • Forster, D.A., Agang, S, & Hendriks, JHJ, eds. (2020). African Public Theology. Surrey, UK: Langham Publishers.
  • Forster, D.A., Von Sinner, Rudolf, and Claudete Beisa Ulrich, eds. (2020). Teologia Pública No Brasil e Na África Do Sul – Um Diálogo Teológico-Político. Sao Leopoldo, Brazil: Editora Sinodal, 2020.
  • Forster, D.A. & Nel, MJN, Thesnaar, CHT. (2020). Religion, violence and reconciliation in Africa. Stellenbosch: Sun Media.
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  • Forster, D.A. 2001. An introduction to Wesleyan Spirituality (Wesley Society of South Africa Series). Cape Town: Methodist Publishing House.


Selected Chapters in Books (2021-2018)

  • Forster, Dion A. (2021). Engaging ’Kyrkan och kampen för ett bättre samhälle’: Dissenting Protestantism and the Merit Trap. In Vänskap/Friendship: Festschrift för Arne Rasmusson, edited by O. Sigurdson & J. 293–317. Svenungsson. Malmö: Spricka förlag.
  • Forster, Dion A. (2021). Social Identity Complexity and a Politics of Forgiveness among Black and White South Africans. In Moral Pedagogies for Africa: From Ethnic Enmity to Responsible Cohabitation, edited by Theodros A. Teklu, 135–58. Studies in World Christianity and Interreligious Relations. New York, NY.: Routledge, 2021.
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  • Forster, D. A. (2020). Ordained Deacons and the Sacraments in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa? Revisiting Our Doctrine and Polity, in Broken Bodies and Redemptive Tables: The Lord’s Supper and Its Theological, Historical and Socio-Political Dimensions, edited by Robert R. Vosloo, Sipho Sidwell Mahokoto, and Marthinus Johannes Havenga, 181–200. Stellenbosch Theological Reflection. Wellington, South Africa: Bybel-Media
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