An international theological journal, critically reflecting upon Christian faith and life in the contemporary world

Guidance to contributors

Expected readership of HOLINESS

HOLINESS is an academic online journal and the target readership is expected to be capable of operating at MA level. Readers are likely to be Methodist or Wesleyan in sympathy (but of course may also include those critical of that tradition). They may be accessing the journal from anywhere in the world, so local matters relevant to an article should be briefly explained. Authors may be of any background, but must be capable of addressing the purpose and ethos of the journal and engaging the expected readership. We welcome proposals for previously unpublished contributions from scholars and practitioners worldwide.

Expected level of contributions

Peer reviewed articles (normally 5,000 words exclusive of end notes and bibliography, or by agreement with the editor up to a maximum of 8000 words) will offer a focused contribution to knowledge rather than a preliminary or general introduction to a topic. Arguments will be placed in the context of current scholarly debate.

Shorter articles (3,500 words) arising from professional reflection, or from practical or creative insights, need not be formally academic, but will display intelligent writing at a high level, providing a good, lively read.

Creative/liturgical contributions will be appropriate for the intended readership.

All contributions should be both theologically reflective and valuable for practice in ministry in the contemporary world. The Commissioning Editor ( is happy to have some informal correspondence at an early stage about the length or suitability of a proposed contribution.

Copyright and legal matters

Contributions need to be previously unpublished either in print or electronic form and they must be the contributors’ own original work. Except where rules for ‘fair dealing’ apply (short quotations from the work of others within an academic argument), permission for using material from the work of others must be sought and enclosed with the contribution.

No material in a contribution may be libellous or untrue, or infringe the rights of others in any way. Any sources quoted or depended on must be acknowledged.


All contributions must be submitted in English of publication-level fluency and accuracy. Either UK English or US English spelling may be used but must be consistent within the main text of an article. Authors whose first language is not English, and who need assistance to bring their written English draft to publication standard, may contact the commissioning editor for advice.

For further detailed advice please see Guidance to Authors

All contributions will be professionally copy edited according to HOLINESS House Style Guide, which should be consulted prior to submitting copy.

Before publication contributors must complete, sign and scan a Contributor’s Publishing Agreement and send the completed document to the Commissioning Editor at