Nicola Vidamour
Director of Reflective Pastoral Supervision


The Revd Nicola Vidamour has been the Director of Reflective Pastoral Supervision since May 2024. She is a Methodist minister who was ordained presbyter at the British Methodist Conference of 1999. She trained at Queen’s College, Birmingham and has served in three circuits in Britain (Guildford, Newham and Milton Keynes). She was also a Mission Partner in Pskov, Russia from 2003-2009.  

Nicola holds a BA in Russian Studies from the University of Bristol and a BD from the University of Birmingham. She has also studied at Moscow Linguistic University, Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary in South India, St. John’s Catholic Seminary in Surrey, the United College of the Ascension in Birmingham, the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary in Estonia, the Moscow Theological Seminary of the United Methodist Church, and the Father Alexander Menn Orthodox Open University in Moscow.

Nicola was accredited as a supervisor within the British Methodist Church in 2019 and completed the Wesley House Diploma in Pastoral Supervision in 2022. She also trained to be a spiritual director at Sarum College and is a founding member of the Community for Spiritual Formation.

Nicola was the Russian Editor of The Upper Room daily devotional magazine and her first book Where Two Rivers Meet: Russian Windows on the Gospel was published by Sacristy Press in 2022.