Christine Elliott, Trustee

Christine Elliott


Christine Elliott is a New Zealander who has been living in Great Britain since 1991. Her undergraduate work was in Early Childhood Education and her post graduate work in Missiology. She is currently Director of International Programmes for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland with two areas of particular focus: China and its two Christian traditions, Catholic and Protestant; The Middle East and the fragile situation for Christians. She also works closely with the Churches Commission on International Affairs at the WCC. For 22 years she worked for the Methodist Church in Great Britain in three roles: Childrens’ Mission (JMA) Secretary for the (previous) Overseas Division, for eight years, Area Secretary for Asia and the Pacific, for eight years and Secretary for External Relations, for six years. She is a member of the steering committee of the World Methodist Council representing Europe and served on the European Methodist Council as one of its co-chairs, 2008-2012.