Mike Wilson

The Revd Dr Michael Wilson

Reviews Editor, Holiness
The Revd Dr Michael Wilson has taught a range of subjects in religion, philosophy ethics and chaplaincy studies; he publishes and supervises in the fields of philosophy of religion and body theology.

Key publications

Theological Reflections on Entering the World of the Disabled – the first tremors of an earthquake?, Epworth Review Vol 31 no 4 pp16-24 (2004)
Nakedness, Bodiliness and the New Creation, Modern Believing July 2006 (2006) Vol 47 No 3 pp 42 – 50
From Sherwin Bailey to Gay Marriage – Some significant developments in Christian thought since 1955, Modern Believing Vol 54:3, July 2013 pp201 – 212 (2013)
‘Should we translate St Paul’s παρα φυσιν as ‘contrary to nature’? – text versus received dogma in the translation of St Paul’, Theology and Sexuality, Vol 20 No 2, 2014 pp129-150
Christian truth and the pseudo-dialectical methodology of Alistair McFadyen, International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, DOI: 10.1080/21692327.2020.1753093 (2020)