Dr Jonathan Chaplin


Dr Jonathan Chaplin was appointed Honorary Fellow in 2022 and contributes to the work of the Centre for Faith in Public Life. He has been a member of the Divinity Faculty of the University of Cambridge since 2007. He is a political theologian working on issues of the state, democracy, justice, pluralism, secularism, religious freedom and environmental theology. He received a PhD in Christian political thought from LSE and has taught political theory and political theology at Plater College, Oxford, the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto and the VU University, Amsterdam. From 2006-2017 he was first Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, based in Cambridge. He is Senior Fellow of a Canadian Christian think-tank, Cardus, and was Associate Fellow of Theos from 2021-22, writing regularly for both organisations. An Anglican, he is a member of the Church of England's Further and Higher Education Advisory Group. His latest book, Beyond Establishment, argues for the disestablishment of the Church of England. He has published numerous essays and chapters in scholarly and public outlets and edited several journal special issues. His include:

  • Beyond Establishment: Resetting Church-State Relations in England (SCM 2022).
  • Faith in Democracy: Framing a Politics of Deep Diversity (SCM 2021).
  • The Future of Brexit Britain: Anglican Reflections on National Identity and European Solidarity, co-editor (SPCK 2020).
  • In Search of Good Energy Policy, co-editor (Cambridge University Press 2019).
  • Anglican Social Theology: Renewing the Vision Today, co-editor (Church House, 2014).
  • God and the EU: Faith in the European Project, co-editor (Routledge 2016).
  • Herman Dooyeweerd: Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society (University of Notre Dame Press 2011).
  • God and Global Order: The Power of Religion in American Foreign Policy, co-editor (Baylor University Press 2010).
  • A Royal Priesthood? The Use of the Bible Ethically and Politically: A Dialogue with Oliver O'Donovan, co-editor (Zondervan 2002).
  • God and Government, co-editor (SPCK 2009).