Almost gone!



A busy week, as you can see from the photograph. The east end of the Rank building is now down to the mezzanine floor and that will go on Monday. Those of you who lived in flats 2-8 can see the door to our corridor in the top right hand corner. We are shipping out three skips full of rubble every day now. At ground level, we can no longer get to the Chapel from No 32 so I have agreed access arrangements with Jesus from their end of the college using the car park as an entrance.

We hope to have the power supply to the organ restored by Thursday next week.  I spent two hours with the engineers trying to trace the power cables and you wouldn’t believe where they go! The organ engineers are coming out to give the organ an overhaul before the Founders and Benefactors service on 12th November.

The “Brick Man” from Coleford Bricks visited on Thursday to look at the existing buildings and help us to choose the right mix of bricks so that the new buildings match. This is amazingly   complicated. The existing buildings have orange, plum, burgundy, purple and charcoal coloured bricks so we need to be careful to select the right combination for the new works. Fortunately, having looked at the bricks in the corner classroom entrance, which are unweathered, he thinks that the original bricks may have been made by Coleford which means we can get an exact match.

We have now issued the tenders for the main construction contract to six local firms and will get the bids back by 3rd December.  Work will start on January 2nd.   This is a huge achievement by our build team,  so well done everyone!

Elsewhere, we have now launched our new website.  It still has lots of little errors but it is a great improvement. Go and find it on Our blog will move to the news section on the website but I will keep this one going for a few weeks until you are all used to the new arrangements.