First Valuation Meeting

valuation1We held our first valuation meeting with the contractor on Wednesday. The project is on target and indeed, slightly ahead in certain areas.  We have now cleared all the rooms in No 31 and 32 Jesus Lane and are starting to clear the corner classroom and C Block. First phase work on the Principal’s Lodge is complete apart from a few sensitive items such as removing the original slate in the pantry.

valuation2The work has now exposed the original rear wall of No 31 and we have dug a few exploratory holes, so we can begin to tell which bits are 18th Century brick and which are 1970s infill. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t: one hole went straight into an empty space – we think (hope)  an old fireplace!

Meanwhile the Brokk is chewing away at the concrete and we are removing two 20yd skips as day filled with rubble.