Mobilisation for the start of the rebuilding phase

It has been a few weeks since our last post but much has been happening:

• We have appointed Jerram Faulkus Construction Ltd as contractors for the main building programme and said goodbye to Hutton, who did such a good job on the enabling works. See our news release for further details.

• Jerram are now on site and have begun work to demolish the single storey archive building in the NE corner of the site.

• The conservation officer has given his blessing to our choice of bricks and slates so we have now ordered them.

The Chapel has been reconnected to the mains supply so we no longer need a generator to play the organ. Unfortunately the heating is still not connected so it gets a bit chilly, as those of us at the Start of Term service can testify!

We have finalised plans for fitting out the student rooms and are now turning our attention to the layout of 32 Jesus Lane.

We are now going all out to get the College ready for the new accommodation to open ready for the beginning of Michaelmas Term. The teaching rooms will follow a few weeks later.