The Pace Quickens

Wesley House  04-11-14 -01

The pace continues. This week we saw the end of our part of the Rank building: you can now see through the gap into the court beyond.  Work now transfers to the more difficult task of getting up the foundations without affecting either the rest of the Rank building or the Chapel.  C staircase has also been cleared and the cycle shed and Jane’s garden are no more

.Wesley House  04-11-14 -14

Jonathan Hurst, our conservation officer visited on Wednesday and viewed the exposed wall at the rear of No 31 Jesus Lane. Inside, on the first floor we have removed the bookshelves from what was Cindy’s study. This has exposed a set of cracks in the western wall which suggests that at some time in the past, there was a pitched roof extension over the area now taken up by the college entrance. Intriguing indeed! Jonathan has asked us to produce a report on previous buildings on the site so we are on the hunt for any early photos from the late 19th century before Wesley House was built.


This week also saw the organ back in action.  Johnsons the organ engineers, came out to carry out an overhaul and gave it a clean bill of health. We have installed a generator to provide the power to run it for services. The organ performed well in testing and should be ready for founders and benefactors on 12th November. We are also installing space heaters in the Chapel to keep it dry as the weather begins to cool.