A big lump of Concrete!


It was going so well. The demolition company was going to finish this Friday and then the drainage team would move in and we would be ready to start building by Christmas. Then two things happened. The big digger we use to break up the foundations broke down. Wesley House 18-11-14 -03

And we found a very large piece of concrete foundation which was not on the plans.

Very big: 1.5m by 2.8m by 20 m. That is equivalent to about 6 concrete lorry loads and far too large to move with the equipment we have on site.

Wesley House 11-11-14 -09Wesley House 11-11-14 -07

Frantic searches across the country procured the spare part for the digger while our structural engineers have been working overtime to work out what to do about the remaining concrete. They have reworked the design to relocate the piling and the good news is that we have a solution which will fit with our existing design and avoid delays.

Wesley House 11-11-14 -10

At the back of the college, Jesus has started to demolish the potting sheds which will give us better access to our site. And we are digging a 25m borehole to make sure there is nothing there to disrupt our piling. We are still on track to let the main construction contract in mid-December.