Greetings from the Candler School of Theology


Jane writes:  on 18 November I spent a very helpful day at the Candler School of Theology, meeting with Dean, Jan Love (left) and with Dr Ellen Purdum (right) who has been involved for several years in the selection of Candler students to study in Cambridge.  Yesterday we agreed the outline of the programme that future students will study on the Cambridge DTM, the details of which will be finalised between Dr Cindy Wesley and Dr Jonathan Strom.  We hope that the first student will begin their programme in Cambridge in September.

It is a pleasure to be back in Atlanta after 20 years (I spent a month here working on my PhD) – though lots has changed in that time in terms of the physical layout of the university. On the left is the new atrium connecting the new building for the Pitts Theological Library and on the right the original Cannon Chapel.


The day ended with a meal at the home of Carl and Donna Holladay.  It was a pleasure to spend time with them and Jonathon and Siri Strom, and with Jim & Fentress Waits & Don Saliers, all of whom have spent time in Cambridge and wanted to know the details of the plans for development. They were also full of stories about figures like Charlie Moule & Donald McKinnon and of the benefits of studying in Cambridge.