It’s all about the Bricks

The quest for the right bricks continues. Having found the bricks, we now need to find the right mortar – 1920s lime rather than modern cement.This eventually turned up on Thursday and our faithful bricklayer has started building some panels to test the overall look.20141205_112112

The cream mortar enhances the colour of the bricks which now look too bright compared to the originals. Coleford Bricks are making a new batch in more muted colours which we hope will arrive next week.


Meanwhile we need to discover what lies behind that ugly render on the back wall of No 32. The answer appears to be modern flettons rather than the original 18th century wall.20141205_112015

Brian Beck has provided an explanation in the form of the photo below, which shows a tea party being held on the roof of a semi-circular building. We believe this was attached to the rear of no 32 and was knocked down when the Rank building was constructed. If you are in the photo or have any other old photos of this part of the college, please let us know.


Over in C Staircase we are investigating the floors to see how easy it will be to take them up and lay them back again. The floorboards have an unusual vee-shaped tongue and groove which is not helpful.


Elsewhere the digger has broken down again…….