Lego for Grown Ups

At last, the first demolition phase is finished and we can start building. Our friends at Coulson have delivered some sample bricks 20141127_104322

and we spent an enjoyable if chilly morning on Thursday trying to assemble them so that they match the existing brickwork in the court. This is harder than it seems. The colours are identical to the existing bricks but we are not trying to create a particular pattern; instead we want a mixture of colours that will   20141127_121353

match the overall hue and tone of the existing wall. It must also be something which our bricklayers can replicate, without worrying about individual bricks. I am pleased with the results so far which are a far closer match than we ever expected. Judge for yourselves.


Elsewhere, our big digger has now departed and for two days the site has been quiet.


The last task before we start construction is to put in new drains. So on Friday we started digging up the ground all over again.

20141127_103718 20141127_103725