Methodist Studies Seminar

Monday 25th April 2017 at 10am

The Gutteridge Building
Wesley House, Cambridge

The Methodist Studies Seminar provides an opportunity for anyone interested in different aspects of Methodist history, theology,  literature, art, and material culture to engage with the recent research of established and emerging scholars in Methodist Studies.  The format of the seminar allows for presentations, questions and lively discussions.

The keynote speakers are:

The Revd. Dr. Brian Beck, an eminent figure in British Methodism whose career includes being Principal of Wesley House, Secretary of Conference, and President of Methodist Conference.  Brian has published numerous essays and articles on British Methodism and was a co-founder of The Oxford Institute for Methodist Theological Studies.

The Revd. Dr. Jonathan Dean, Director, Centre for Continuing Ministerial Development
Director of Studies for Postgraduate Programmes at The Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham.  Jonathan’s previous work was in the area of the character of English Catholicism in the Reformation period.  He continues to write about the history of the early modern period, as well as the interaction between historical spirituality and contemporary pastoral practice.

Paper proposals may be submitted until 15 March at