About the Centre

The Centre for Global Wesleyan Theology at Wesley House, Cambridge supports scholarship and practice related to theology and spirituality in the global Wesleyan tradition, curating a network of global scholars for enrichment in both theological and spiritual engagement and fostering partnerships that develop capacity and effectiveness. It does this by providing opportunities for formal study and research, by offering webinars and workshops, and by engaging in conversation among diverse communities both locally and globally.

The Centre seeks to cultivate a spirit of genuine mutuality and to provide a venue for ongoing conversation, learning, and growth around theological concerns central to the Wesleyan community around the globe. Located physically in Cambridge and virtually through its international network of scholars, the Centre promotes the integration of Wesleyan theology and daily life in the diverse cultural contexts of the world.

The Centre offers resources and research into aspects of Wesleyan theology and spirituality that continue to shape and to be shaped by the global realities of contemporary life. Some topics of specific interest include:

  • the holistic vision of redemption in the Wesleyan way
  • the spiritual disciplines of piety and mercy in diverse cultures
  • the vision of love of God and love of neighbor in a divided world
  • the practice of social holiness in a global community
  • the decolonizing of Wesleyan theology
  • the relevance of the Wesleyan quadrilateral in different contexts
  • the value of singing as a means of grace and an expression of theology

Who we are:

  • A face-to-face and virtual community that explores the significance of Wesleyan theology and spirituality
  • An international community of post-graduate students studying Wesleyan theology and spirituality through multiple cultural lenses
  • Networks of practitioners and professionals who seek to integrate the Wesleyan heritage with everyday life and work

What we do:

  • Explore the contemporary significance of Wesleyan theology and spirituality through individual study, courses, symposia, and conversation
  • Supervise projects that explore the interface of Wesleyan theology and diverse cultural contexts for research students in post-graduate research degrees
  • Partner with institutions internationally in capacity building and the development of advanced, Wesleyan-oriented educational opportunities (e.g., a sponsored PhD programme for African Theological educators and an international DMin programme)
  • Curate a global network of scholars through the World Parish Webinar and other modes of connection
  • Host scholars in Wesleyan theology and spirituality for special research projects and sabbaticals
  • Publish a free online journal for peer-reviewed scholarship and professional reflection on important discoveries: Holiness
  • Resource Christians and churches with regard to the Wesleyan theological heritage through short courses, workshops, and seminars


Centre Reference Group



The Rev Dr Adam Ployd
Director of the Centre for Global Wesleyan Theology
Wesley House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BJ
email: ap2287@wesley.cam.ac.uk