Rooms and meeting places for events at Wesley House are managed by Alastair Oatey, Business Director.

Requests for events must be provided in writing or online by the event organiser and ideally three weeks in advance of the event. (In any event, the organiser will need to take into account any lead time he or she may wish to have to publicise the event: an event should not be publicised before approval has been granted.) We reserve the right to refuse any requests for the use of a room or meeting place if such a request is made within one week of the proposed event.

Bookings should be made through the online event booking request form.

No event may be publicised as taking place until confirmation has been received from us. If an event or room booking is refused, you may appeal the decision to Jane Leach, Principal. The appeal decision will be final.

In addition,

  • We reserve the right to seek additional information before confirming a booking.
  • The event organiser (i.e. the named person making the booking) agrees as a condition of submitting the room booking request to notify us if any of the details submitted change.
  • We reserve the right to review our decision on allowing an event to proceed if any of the information provided changes.
  • The deliberate provision of false or incomplete information by the event organiser may invalidate the booking.
  • Provision of false or incomplete information may also, if appropriate, be addressed under our conduct and disciplinary procedures .