Wesley House event booking request

Thank you for considering Wesley House for your event. This form aims to capture enough information for us to understand your requirements and let you know whether we are able to host the event.

The event

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What date and time is your event? How long will it last?

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Event details

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Please give sufficient details of the event for us to understand what it is about, particularly the subject matter

Please tell us who the formal speakers are at the event. We need to know the full name of each speaker, their affiliations and who they represent.

Please let us know how many attendees you expect in each of these categories:
People external to the Cambridge Theological Federation (public, invited guests)
Cambridge Theological Federation students
Other members of the Cambridge Theological Federation
Other members of the validating Universities

How many staff/organisers will there be?

On the day, who will be the person responsible for the event?

There is an admission charge for the event.There is no admission charge for the event.

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Will there be any children or vulnerable adults at the event?

If "yes", please give details of the steps you will take to protect them

Publicity and marketing

Is the event funded or sponsored by others?
Funded financiallyFunded in kindSelf-funded

If the the event is funded or sponsored by others, please let us know who they are and what obligations this has on the event (especially concerning marketing and publicity)

How will you publicise the event?


We have a legal duty to ensure that we do not host any events that may draw people into terrorism. Please therefore confirm to us:

Will the event include any activities that may represent a risk to the health and safety of an individual?

In your view will the subject matter of the event include views which people (whether they attend the event or not) may find controversial, offensive or distasteful?

In your view, have any of the speakers at the event previously expressed views which may be interpreted as causing controversy, or promoting extreme intolerance of the views of others?

Answering "Yes" to any of the above questions will not automatically lead to us rejecting your enquiry but we will need to discuss it further with you. Please provide some details on what steps you have taken to minimise the risk of people being drawn into terrorism as a result of this event.


Please let us know if you have any other information or any questions for us.

Accept and send

I agree as a condition of submitting this form to notify Wesley House if any of the details above change and accept that Wesley House reserves the right to review its decision on allowing an event to proceed if any of the information provided on this form changes.

I agree that Wesley House reserves the right to cancel the event, without notice, if any of the information submitted on this form, is identified subsequently as being inaccurate or incomplete.