Wesley House was founded in Cambridge partly because of the world class University, and partly so that Wesleyan students could study alongside those from other denominations here. In 1972 relationships were formalised by the foundation of the Cambridge Theological Federation. The Federation is one of the world’s leading ecumenical bodies for theological study.

Beginning as an Anglican-Methodist enterprise, today the Federation comprises seven institutes from a broad range of traditions: Anglican, Reformed, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Methodist. It also has two associate members: The Cambridge Centre for The Study of Christianity Worldwide, and the Woolf Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam).

Our teaching and research is rooted in the global and multi-faith context of the contemporary world. The breadth and depth of the Federation’s membership – as well as its partnership with the University of Cambridge – provide an unparalleled educational environment. Of the ecumenical theological networks that exist worldwide, very few are found in such a compact, collegiate setting, with students able to access fully the resources of all the component institutions and of a world class University’s theology faculty.