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Holiness & Contemporary Culture


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Andrew Stobart

Peer-reviewed articles

Hilary Brand
Whatever happened to sin?: an examination of the word and concept in contemporary popular culture

Rebekah Callow
‘Lifting the shell’: expressions of emotion and cross-cultural struggle in international students


Pete Phillips
Wesley’s parish and the digital age?

Short articles

Anna Robbins
It’s Always Right Now: framing the struggle for meaning in contemporary culture

Gordon Leah
A Reluctant Samaritan: reflections from Levi’s Christ stopped at Eboli

Richard Clutterbuck
A Holiness Movement, Shaped by Mission: encountering God in Oceania

Rosemary Power
Pilgrims in a barren land: pioneer ministry in rural Ireland

Tom Osborne
Pretty Amazing Grace: using contemporary popular music in Church worship

What have the sermons of John Wesley ever done for us?

Tim Macquiban
The Wesleyan legacy in issues of wealth and poverty: reflections on Wesley’s sermon ‘On the use of money’

Creative and devotional material

‘An eye to God in every word’ – praying the hymns of Charles Wesley

‘Come O Thou traveller unknown’ (podcast)
‘Come O Thou traveller unknown’ (pdf)


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Sarah Coakley, The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender and the Quest for God

Elaine Storkey, Scars across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence against Women

Ferdia J Stone-Davis (ed), Music and Transcendence

Heather Walton, Not Eden: Spiritual Life Writing for this World

The Call to Holiness: From Glory to Glory, Report of the Joint International Commission for Dialogue between the World Methodist Council and the Roman Catholic Church