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Holiness & Pastoral Relationships


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Andrew Stobart

Peer-reviewed article

Bill Mullally
The effect of presence and power in the pastoral supervisory relationship

Fernley-Hartley Lecture 2016

James Dunn
Why four Gospels? Why only four?

Short articles

Christopher Collins
Reimagining Dementia: seeing ourselves more fully in the dementia diagnosed

Paul Gismondi
Fear and faith: reflections on ministry and death

Catherine Minor
Beyond horror: mapping the contours of holiness in an acute hospital

Elizabeth Dunning
A good death? Pastoral reflections on closing a chapel

What have the sermons of John Wesley ever done for us?

Jane Leach
‘On Visiting the Sick’: the art of pastoral conversation

Creative and devotional material

Janet Morley
‘I believe; help my unbelief!’ A reflection and intercession based on Mark 9.14-29, and on John Reilly’s painting, Healing of the lunatic boy

Gillian Houghton
Reflections on Self Portrait by Eddy Aigbe

Book Reviews

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Rosemary Power
Challenging bullying in Churches

Simon Taylor
Imitation and Scapegoats: Pastoral Insights from the Work of Rene Girard

Jane Leach and Michael Paterson
Pastoral Supervision: A handbook (2nd edition)

Jocelyn Bryan
Human Being: insights from psychology and the Christian faith

Rowan Williams
On Augustine