There are no national or local regulations governing Covid; it is treated as any other infectious disease. At Wesley House we have a “good neighbour” policy in which everyone in the community is expected to do what they can to avoid harming others, whilst also looking after their own health.

We ask residents, staff and visitors to Wesley House to follow the government’s guidance for people with symptoms of a respiratory infection which can be found here:

We expect anyone at Wesley House with Covid symptoms, including a common cold, to minimise their contact with others in the community and, where contact is unavoidable, take precautions to minimise the risk of spreading diseases, which may include actions such as wearing face coverings, opening windows, and eating food in their rooms and not in communal areas.

We strongly encourage residents, staff and visitors to take Covid tests if they are feeling unwell and ahead of attending busy events, even if feeling well. When the existing stock of free tests is used up, it is individuals’ responsibility to buy their own test kits.

Our communication policy is to email residents when someone in the community has Covid. We will not name them but if it is a resident, will let everyone know on what floor they live so everyone is aware of the heightened risk.

Covid management has moved nationally from enforcement to personal responsibility. We urge everyone at Wesley House to play their part as good neighbours.

June 2022