Reflective Pastoral Supervision Articles

Recent publically accessible articles and lectures include:

Leach, J, “Holy containment and the supervision of leaders in ministry”
Holiness1 (2018)

This article reflects on the process of creating an artwork entitled “Containment”. Both the artwork itself and the process of creating it prompt reflection on the nature of pastoral supervision, especially as it relates to leaders within the Church.

Leach, J, “Responsible Grace – the role of supervision in the renewal of vocation and ministry” The Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies (2018)

Mullally, B, “The effect of presence and power in the pastoral supervisory relationship.” Holiness 3.1 (2017)
This article is based on qualitative research, which used a questionnaire methodology with six Methodist ministers, all of whom had taken part in group pastoral supervision for a period of two years. The article explores how an open, authentic and trusting environment can be created within the pastoral supervisory relationship that has regenerative and healing potential, whereby ministers will be better able to face the challenges of ministry.