Leading like a Methodist – Intercultural Perspectives

An international symposium via zoom and in person for leaders in education, in the church and in public life.

Held on 15-16 October 2021

What does it mean to lead like a Methodist?  How do we form ethical leaders for the public life? What kind of leadership does the global church need in the 21st century?

Methodist and Wesleyan leaders and scholars from around the world joined to debate these questions and work together on what it means to lead and form leaders in our multiple contexts today.

Focusing in turn on leading in public life, in the church and in education, scholars and practitioners from different continents shared experiences of peace-making in war torn countries, of decolonizing curriculum in the global south, of leading the church through conflict and change, and of pioneering new forms of ministry.

Event 1: Leading in Public Life

Event 2: Leading the Church

Event 3: Leading in Education

Event 4: Keynote address