Living and studying in Cambridge is not cheap and it is important that you consider all of the fees and costs that you will need to cover, including living costs as well as tuition fees.


Support for costs
You may be able to find support for some, or all, of your costs. Please see our Scholarships and Bursary page for more details.

Tuition fees
The tuition fees for validated courses are set by the relevant awarding body (Anglia Ruskin University, Durham University, or University of Cambridge) and are set out on the fees page of the Cambridge Theological Federation website.

Your tuition fee contributes towards the costs of us providing you with:

  • Teaching staff
  • Teaching facilities (rooms etc.)
  • Academic support from a Director of Studies
  • Course administration
  • Access to CTF and University libraries
  • Access to online resources
  • Access to the Federation’s worship and social activities

College fees
On average the College receives only about a quarter of the tuition fee you pay; the larger part of that fee is paid towards the University bodies and to the Cambridge Theological Federation for its running costs. The College fee contributes towards the costs of running the College, including its staffing and maintenance. Amongst other things, this includes the cost of providing you with individual pastoral tutoring, programme advising, Internet access, weekly community meals in term time and costs associated with pastoral placements.

The College fee for 2017/18 is £3,500 pa and is payable by all resident students, including those on sabbatical and short-stay study, except for UK and EU students studying for their first undergraduate degree.


Living costs
In addition to the Tuition and College set fees, you will need to consider your living costs including:

  • Accommodation (see below for Wesley House accommodation costs);
  • Food;
  • Books and study materials; and
  • Personal expenses and transport



Application fees and other costs
The Cambridge Theological Federation has a non-refundable application charge of £75 (£150 for overseas students).

You will also need to cover the cost of any Visa you need as well as the cost of travelling to and from Cambridge.