The Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh) is the University of Cambridge’s vocational undergraduate degree for Christian ministry combining theological and practical study. The requirement of constant, intentional integration of pastoral activity (taking the form of a ministry placement), self-awareness and academic study makes it an intense experience and a good preparation for public ministry. The degree is offered by the Faculty of Divinity in partnership with the Cambridge Theological Federation.


What is the BTh?
The BTh is a two year full time vocational degree (Level 6). It provides a stimulating academic environment and an unparalleled educational experience through which students can reach their intellectual potential in preparing for Christian ministry and service. Students examine the theologies, scriptures, histories, philosophies, doctrines and practices of Christianity, both within their own traditions and through comparative approaches. Current developments in scholarship and research and critical reflection on pastoral experience are central to the aims of the course, which also includes a number of compulsory ministry placements.

Is it for you?
The BTh is a vocational degree mainly suitable for ordinands. Admission to the course is at the discretion of the BTh Management Committee.

Time commitment

  • This is a two year full-time course.
  • Part-time study is not possible.

What is the assessment for receiving the BTh?

  • There is an examination at the end of both years of the course. Assessment is also by extended essays and a pastoral portfolio.
  • You must attempt one biblical language paper.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

  • At least a good 2:1 in a previous degree in another subject or 120 credits at Level 4 (Certificate level).
  • The Faculty will need to see a sample of written work.
  • Either English as a first language or an IELTS score of 7.0.
  • Some prior theological study is preferable.

Further information
There is further detailed information about the BTh degree, including costs and a list of the papers offered, on the BTh pages of the Cambridge University website and the BTh pages of the Cambridge Theological Federation website.

How to apply
For advice about whether this course might suit you and how to apply complete our Information and Enquiry form.