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The semester abroad is an excellent course of study for MDiv or BA students who looking for short-term study abroad experience in the historic university city of Cambridge. The programme gives students the opportunity to study in subjects such as theology, biblical studies, philosophy of religion, interfaith relations, world Christianity, and Christian mission, as well as opportunities to explore ministry and mission in the British context.

Semester study students may come either Michaelmas term (October to December) or Lent/Easter (January to June).


What is the programme content?
BA students will take up to 5 modules on the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Theology taught by Cambridge Theological Federation lecturers.

MDiv students will take papers from the University of Cambridge Bachelor of Theology (MDiv equivalent) offerings.

Both BA and MDiv students will find that the University of Cambridge and the University of Durham earn their ranking as two of the top centres for theological study in the world.


Will the credits transfer?
The college staff members work with each student to tailor an individual’s academic courses to meet your MDiv or BA degree requirements.Students from abroad normally find that their home institutions accept academic credit earned during their study in Cambridge.

For MDiv students, informal attachments with local church congregations, which provide a taste of ministry and worship in the British context, are available by prior arrangement.


Who should apply?
You should apply if you:

  • wish to live in a reflective, cross-cultural community of scholarship and prayer in the Wesleyan Methodist tradition.
  • will commit to the discipline of daily prayer and intentional Christian community at Wesley House.
  • will benefit from participation in the rich ecumenical life and worship of the Cambridge Theological Federation.


Academic entry requirements
For Bachelor’s level study you must have completed two years of a Bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in Theology/Religion, with at least a 3.3 grade point average

For Masters level study you must have completed at least one year of the MDiv (or equivalent) with at least a 3.3 grade point average; or have an undergraduate degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher.



3 months 6 months
Accommodation £1625 £3250
College Fee £1725 £3450
Individual Supervision £60 an hour £60 an hour
Divinity Faculty Lecture Fee £200 £200
Visa Application Support £120 £120
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How to apply
For advice about whether this course might suit you and how to apply complete our Information and Enquiry form.

  • Apply by 25th March for Michaelmas term study
  • Apply by 1st October for Lent/Easter term study