European Methodist Lecture Program

15 October to 17 December 2024
A lecture series with 10 lectures once a week
5.15 – 6.30 pm UK time

Co-hosted by the Reutlingen School of Theology (GBHEM LEaD Hub Europe) & Wesley House, Cambridge (GBHEM LEaD Hub Britain) and in cooperation with The Methodist related Schools in Europe (MTSE)

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Love, Grace and Transformation: Worship as Ethics and Ethics as Worship in Methodist Theology

“And while he thus always exercises his love to God, by prayer without ceasing, rejoicing evermore, and in everything giving thanks, this commandment is written in his heart, that ‘he who loveth God, loves his brother also.’ And he accordingly ‘loves his neighbour as himself’; he loves every man as his own soul. His heart is full of love to all mankind, to every child of ‘the Father of the spirits of all flesh’. (…) And if it be not in his power to do good to them that hate him, yet he ceases not to pray for them (…)” (John Wesley, The Character of a Methodist).

In Wesleyan and Methodist Theology worship and ethics, prayer and discipleship, works of piety and works of mercy cannot be torn apart or be separated from each other, but rather are mutually dependent. In a complex world, in times of crisis and conflict and a strong influence of religious individualism especially in European economical contexts the European Methodist Lecture Program 2024 seeks to rethink the relation of worship and ethics in Methodist Theology and its significance for today. While initial lectures about ethical formation and the values of worship will give some introduction to the scope of the course, offer definitions and ways of thinking about worship theologically and ethically, further lectures will explore different aspects of what it might mean to worship in ways that live into the ethic of love.

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15 October 2024
Worship as Ethics
The Revd Dr Jane Leach

22 October 2024
The Power of Worship and Liturgy
Rev Dr Jorgen Thaarup

29 October 2024
Grace under Pressure Again: Moving from Charity, Service, and Advocacy to Deep Solidarity
Prof Dr Jörg Rieger

5 November 2024
Worship and Memory
Rev Dr Erika Stalcup

12 November 2024
Worshipping Together Interculturally
Rev Dr Kirk Sims

19 November 2024
Worship as Ethical Formation: The Lord’s Supper as Ethics
Prof Dr Michael Nausner

26 November 2024
Worship and Hope in a Changing World: How Worship Can Connect Us to the Larger Story of Redemption, Reconciliation and Spiritual Communion
Rev Dr Mark Lewis

3 December 2024
“In times of war” – Peace Narratives of Jewish and Christian Liturgies as a Challenge for Current Practice
Rev Dr Thomas Roscher

10 December 2024
Worship for Indigenization
Rev Dr Daniel Pratt Morris Chapman

17 December 2024
Worship for Understanding and Promoting Peace
Dr Richard Davis

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