Blair Thompson-White is Senior Pastor in the Arapaho United Methodist Church in Texas. She spent a term in Cambridge on sabbatical.

I came to Wesley House worn out after years of neglecting self-care while striving for successes in ministry. I had been giving so much through my leadership in the church…I needed to receive for a time. I was hoping for rest and progress in my doctoral work; Wesley House provided that…and so much more! Wesley House was a means of grace for me.


My faith was deepened through my time living in intentional community with Methodists from around the world. My spirit was strengthened by the spiritual disciplines we engaged in together: morning prayer, evening worship, community meals, Bible study…what a blessing to be in a place that not only reminded me of God’s goodness but also sanctified my soul! I am more connected with God, more aware of God’s presence and guidance in my life because of my time at Wesley House.


Wesley House cultivated my creativity and inspired me to reflect deeply and write wholeheartedly. I wrote this poem one morning:


morning prayer ends with

“let us bless the Lord”

the day begins with

this vision

this hope

this commitment

that how I live this day

my doing

my being

the words I speak

the silent thoughts I think

all of it, all of me

a gift to God in return for all that has been given

oh let it be so!

onward now I go.


I remember God’s steadfast love and care for me every time I remember my experience at Wesley House; how grateful I am for the way God used the place and people to reach me and save me again so I can serve God well.