The recipient of a chapel scholarship will be expected to play a key part in the life of the chapel: they will organize the rotas for college services and ensure that the chapel is properly prepared for the daily services of morning prayer and the weekly service of holy communion (either by doing this themselves or organizing a rota); they will help the college community to communicate about its worshipping life and to welcome visitors to the chapel; they will encourage the worshipping life of the college; they will be part of a series of teams of staff and students collaborating in the planning of worship and of the worshipping life of the community; they will serve on the Cambridge Theological Federation’s worship and community life committee.

To be eligible for consideration for a chapel scholarship candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Competence in organizing a chapel, ordering supplies; keeping resources tidy; being punctual in preparation (record of posts held; references)
  • An understanding of the role of worship in community life particularly in an international Methodist community (personal statement)
  • Ecumenical experience and/or a willingness to learn from ecumenical colleagues (references; personal statement)
  • Good communication skills, in writing and orally (record of experience; references)
  • Collaborative skills, e.g. in relation to the planning and preparation of worship (record of experience; references)

Applicants should submit the following to the Principal by 31 May in the year of application:

  • 2 referees (at least one commenting on your breadth of experience in worship contexts ; at least one commenting on your organisational ability and reliability).
  • A record of your relevant experience
  • A statement about how you see the role and what you believe you can offer to it (no more than 1000 words)