Kevin Highfield

Kevin Highfield at the Cambridge Theological Federation Research Day 2019

I had an amazing year at Wesley House! While I had the amazing opportunity to preach during Christmas in Rome and preach before Easter in Jerusalem, nothing compares to being in an amazing community at Wesley House. You can have a great experience at Cambridge, but it is ten times better when done in this community.

The Wesley House community was international and diverse. Spending a consistent time in prayer and fellowship with each other allowed real growth in spirit and mind. There were numerous opportunities to learn and discuss theological issues and how to conduct research. Aspects of Methodism were emphasized and renown scholars and practitioners presented on a variety of topics.

My pastoral placement at Wesley Methodist Church was enriching and I am thankful for that welcoming and loving group of people. The academic classes were challenging, becoming more and more intense with each term. I felt like every minute of my time was taken up, yet there was many more great things to do. I was able to visit sites significant to the Wesleys and holy places for Celtic spirituality. Both of these pilgrimages refreshed and renewed my faith.

I praise God for the phenomenal staff who work hard making the Wesley House an absolute treasure. I am also thankful for my many new friends from Wesley House, Westcott House, and Wesley Methodist Church. God is good.