Past event April 2020
Growing in Grace: Exploring the Wesleyan Way

A 6-session series exploring ‘the Wesleyan Way’, looking at Christian faith through the heritage and theology of the Wesleyan tradition.

The Wesleyan family of churches is one of the most widely-spread Christian traditions, with about 80 million people world-wide belonging to one of its branches. Many more are part of movements such as Pentecostalism which have been influenced by the Wesleyan tradition. But what does it mean to be ‘Wesleyan’?

Growing in Grace explores how the story of Methodist origins continues to impact Christian discipleship today. By deepening awareness of the heritage and theology of the movement, the impact of ‘the Wesleyan Way’ can positively influence discipleship, worship and mission today. Each session includes conversation with a Methodist theologian from around the world, to bring a global perspective to the study.

This is a fremium resource. That means you can join the 90 minute sessions online for free, by registering for a Zoom-only ticket. You will need to join us while the session is in progress. Or you can purchase the whole course to receive a specially edited version of the course, along with supporting study material. You will have lifetime access to these resources, and you can purchase either a personal or small group study package (with access for up to 10 members).

Session Schedule

1: What is the Wesleyan Way? Wednesday 29th April, 15:00 (UTC +1)

2: The Meaning and Means of Grace, Wednesday 6th May, 15:00 (UTC +1)

3: The ‘Face of the Poor’, Wednesday 13th May, 15:00 (UTC +1)

4: Pressing on to Perfection, Wednesday 20th May, 15:00 (UTC +1)

5: Slavery and Work, Liberty and Dignity, Wednesday 27th May, 15:00 (UTC +1)

6: Becoming Holy Together, Wednesday 3rd June, 15:00 (UTC +1)

All purchases of the whole course (for personal or group use) will receive a bonus curated virtual tour of Wesley’s Chapel, House and Museum.

The course is hosted by The Revd Dr Andrew Stobart, Director of Research at Wesley House, and is brought to you by the Wesley House Centre for Global Wesleyan Theology.