Aimed at participants from a variety of professional and/or voluntary contexts, the Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology (“DProf”) is one of the most comprehensive theologically-based degrees available. The degree is offered by Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge in co-operation with Wesley House and the Cambridge Theological Federation.


What is the DProf?
The DProf is a research degree for those engaged in a practice context (e.g. church ministry or mission; chaplaincy; NGO; theological education) and involves the identification of a practice issue that can be investigated through academic research. The aim of the degree is to make an impact on the practice context through the research undertaken. Its strength is its engagement in genuinely contextual theology and where appropriate, interdisciplinary work.


Is it for you?
Comprising part-time study over 3-6 years (full-time study for Stage 1 is available) the course focuses on practice-based research and is aimed at participants from a variety of professional and/or voluntary contexts:

  • ministers of religion
  • public sector professionals and those in the caring professions
  • those working in the charity sector and
  • those in industry or business wishing to widen their knowledge of the ethical and theological dimensions of their professional and/or voluntary practice


Time commitment
The programme is available over 3-6 years part-time. It is possible under exceptional circumstances to take Stage 1 full time.

Part-time students are expected to set aside around 6-8 hours for independent work per week. That will include research and reading, and maintaining a regular research journal. You will be assigned a personal supervisor, who will want to see you approximately six times per academic year.

In addition to regular supervisions, you will normally attend a 3 day summer school in mid-July and 4 workshops per year, covering all aspects of the discipline of practical theology.


What is the assessment for receiving the DProf?

  • The production of a portfolio of work comprising three Stage 1 papers of 7,000 words each (exploring context, literature and research methods)
  • Stage 2 dissertation of 59,000 words


What qualifications do I need to apply?

  • Normally a BA degree (1st or 2:1) and a Master’s degree in theology or related subject
  • Either English as a first language or demonstrating a proficiency of IELTS 6.5 and to have achieved a minimum of English Language Competence of at least IELTS 5.5 across all four disciplines: writing, reading, speaking and listening.
  • Applicants will be required to give evidence of their ability to work well with others in a group context


Further information
There is further detailed information about the DProf degree, including costs, on the DProf pages of the Cambridge Theological Federation website and the DProf pages of the Anglia Ruskin University website.


Fees & Costs
For further information on fees and costs involved CLICK HERE


How to apply
For advice about whether this course might suit you and how to apply complete our Information and Enquiry form.