Elsie Etaka Eyong
PhD student


Current situation

My day to day activities at the Council of Protestant Churches consists of supervising the production and diffusion of information on the Protestant Radio, and the implementation of Peace activities at the head office .


Research Area

Assessing the Impact of Social Media Evangelization on Christian Discipleship in a Local Church Context: Case of the Presbyterian Church Simbock-Mendong in Yaounde.

Some scholars have argued that, the current practice of discipleship has lost its traditional focus (The Navigators, 2015, p.9, as cited in Ogden 2016). Writing in the US context, Ogden (2018) argues that in some places, making disciples has been reduced to just bringing people to church so that they can become church members. The pressure to increase in size has led Churches to be more concerned about numerical and financial growth, than spiritual maturity (Williard 2006, as cited in Ogden 2016). With the advent of social media evangelization, the problem has become complex; many churches now embark on social media evangelization to gain more social media followers and not to make disciples for Jesus. This phenomenon is rife in Cameroon.

Thus, as more churches in Cameroon use the social media for evangelization, it is important to examine the impact of this practice on discipleship.

This study is aimed at providing an in-depth analysis of the impact of social media on Christian discipleship in Cameroon. By examining the ways in which social media has influenced the religious practices and beliefs of Christians in the Presbyterian Church in Simbock-Mendong , Yaounde, the study seeks to identify the key factors driving this transformation. Furthermore, the study intends to explore the potential implications of these changes for the future of Christian discipleship in Cameroon.


Supervisory team

Dr Medi Volpe
The Revd Dr Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman
The Revd Dr Niba Felix
Dr Bertrand Begoumenie