Memory Chikosi
PhD student


Current situation

Lecturer, Pastor-Chaplain


Research Area

The title of my research is, ‘An African model of doing church ministry among marginalized communities (A case study of Chiadzwa community, Marange district in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe: Luke 4: 14-30; James 2:14-26).’

The research intends to explore a new African model of doing Church ministry among the marginalized people in Chiadzwa community, Zimbabwe. It also aims to investigate what The United Methodist Church (UMCZ) has been doing and the model it has been using to address the needs of the Chiadzwa Bloody Diamond Rush survivors, to explore an African practical pastoral care model which can change the way The UMCZ works in Chiadzwa community, and add to the existing body of knowledge.



Chikosi, M. 2019. An integrated approach to reconciliation: A call to review the traditional reconciliation procedures in coloration with the judicial court system and Christian values. Harare: Beyond Today Publishers.

Chikosi, Memory, ‘The Joy of Restoration’. In The Upper Room Disciplines, 2021. Nashville: Upper Room Books.

A Chapter, In Contextual Theology: Intersectionality of gender, Race, and Class Paperback, 2020 published by Hirho Y. Park (Editor), Cynthia A Bond Hopson (Editor).


Supervisory team

Dr Medi Volpe

Dr George Achar