Wan Yin Lim
PhD student


Current situation

Member of Chinese Annual Conference (CAC), Methodist Church of Malaysia



Peacebuilding in Malaysia: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Chinese Methodist Peace Theology and Peace Studies


Research Area

In the absence of a thorough analysis of social violence, could peace theologies inadvertently create a utopian illusion?

As a Methodist living in Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia’s nations, I have thinking about how Methodists interact with and play a role in this country’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. I advocated for youth engagement in the public sphere and have committed my studies to interest in public well-being, Christian social ethics, racial relations, religious freedom, and political ideologies.

This complex tension that has arisen as a result of my interaction with theology and peace studies has both enriched my studies and made me more engaged in the issue of structural and cultural violence. It leads me to focus my attention on political hegemony, economic inequality, racial discrimination, and religious oppression. Therefore, to study the Chinese Methodist peace theology in Malaysia, I use an interdisciplinary approach to investigate Methodist Christian belief and peace studies. I investigate the relationship that peace studies give to the complexities of social life with various theories shedding light on different aspects. In short, my research aims to assess how peace studies offer insights into Chinese Methodist peace theology, drawing from peace studies, Methodist, and theologies of peace.



Supervisory team

Dr Richard A Davis
Professor Emerita Pauline Kollontai

Book Reviews

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Lim, W.Y. (2023) ‘Decolonizing Interreligious Education: Developing Theologies of Accountability’, Practical Theology, pp. 1–2. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1080/1756073X.2023.2262680.

Newspaper Articles

Davis, R.Q. and Lim, W.Y. (2024) ‘When Peace Encounters Technology on Earth’, Methodist Recorder, 19 January, p. 24.

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