Enow Micheal Agbor
PhD student


Current situation

I am a Pastor working with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, presently serving as the Parish Pastor of Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong in the East Mungo North Presbytery in Yaounde, Center Region of Cameroon.


Research Area

The Role of the Church in Green Space Conservation and Restoration for Climate Change Mitigation: The Case of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Fako Division.

Christian teachings and doctrine upholds God as creator of the heaven and earth, with the earth being the most visible and accessible demonstration of God’s creation and power. The Old Testament book of Genesis chapter 1 and 2 gives account on how everything came into being by God’s verbal commands. The call for responsible stewardship as recorded in Genesis chapter 2:15 makes it imperative for the church to be at a pivotal position in the fight against poor environmental management and particularly the need for green space conservation and restoration. M.Baharudin, (2020), remarked that in the past environmental discourse were seen as scientific disciplines, and spirituality did not have a space around, but now religion has been identified as having an important role in environmental challenges. Parampathoor, (2017), holds that when creation is threatened by climate change, ecumenical movements are called to speak out and act as an expression of their commitment to life, justice and love. Chuvieco, (2012) explains that Even if religious traditions are not presently the main forces behind national environmental policies, it remains a credible body to participate in shaping new attitudes towards nature. Today, urban areas are challenged by the consequences of poor environmental conservation due to poor landscape transformation from natural (green space) to human infrastructures, with a gross violation of nature Justice (Kimengsi and Fogwe, 2017). The community of Fako has repeatedly been experiencing human and material damages caused by repeated mountain runoff; an outcome of the serious deforestation of the forest reserves that used to serve as blockages for debris during heavy rainfall. This affirms to what Trudinger, P. L., & Habel, N. C., (2008) explained as the principle of the voice which holds that natures has the ability of being a blessing to humanity when well treated or managed and can also raise its voice in protest against unjust treatment through devastating natural disasters as reflected in the on-going climatic challenges, frequent floods, pollution and health challenges. This study is set out to highlight green space conservation and restoration as part of the evangelical responsibility of the church, which is the continuation of the salvation plan of God towards humanity.




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Supervisory team

Dr Richard Davies