Maudy Muchanyereyi
PhD student

Current situation

My journey and service in the United Methodist Church started in the year 2000 at the age of 21 years.  I am an ordained clergy member of the Zimbabwe West Annual Conference for the past 16 years. Currently, in the Church I serve as the Conference Statistician.

I am in extension ministry serving as the University Chaplain at Africa University.

As a University Chaplain my role is to :

  • Offer pastoral care and support to the university community
  • Create opportunities for students and staff to serve the university with dedication and passion
  • Create opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity
  • Provide spiritual services as per need


Research Area

Research  topic

Towards the development of Shona theology of sacred space in the Zimbabwe United Methodist Church.


 A brief summary of the purpose of my research

Most Zimbabwe- United Methodist Church’s (ZUMC) revivals, retreats and personal private prayer ministries take place in the natural spaces highly regarded as sacred by the members. The General United Methodist Church (GUMC) is not explicit on the theology of sacred places. The GMUC’s common belief is “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1) thus all space is regarded as homogenous.  What is clear is that the GUMC does not have an explicit theology of sacred space. The ZUMC members while practising their faith they dichotomise space (sacred and profane) and no one has come up with a theory regarding that behaviour and pattern. Members are not perturbed that the General Church states otherwise. Since there is apparent difference in perception from the General Church, does it mean that the ZUMC members have their own source of theology that is influencing them to dichotomise space and if so, what is informing their attitude towards sacred places? My research focus is on the concept of sacred space in ZUMC. In my research I will observe my surroundings and develop a theology that can be used to develop new knowledge and interpret existing scenarios in a different light.


Supervisory team

Richard Davis

Dr Mazvita Machinga